Tiered Earthstone Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain with Batteries

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This nearly 3-foot talll birdbath style outdoor fountain is a unique design, with an earthy brown color and small faux cobblestone design in the basins and on the base of the pedestal. The tapered pedestal and basins have textured "imperfections," to make them look like timeworn, antique relics, though it's made of fiberglass reinforced concrete, giving it a relatively light weight, and a resistance to cracking, peeling or breaking.

This model has rechargeable batteries and an off/on switch to allow you to charge them during the day, and then power the pump at night for approximately six hours when fully charged. Or leave the switch in the "off" position to store energy in them. You turn them on only when you want the fountain to run at night or for special occasions. Either way, the sun supplies the energy for the fountain without having to depend upon bulky power cords or special wiring.

It operates best when placed in an area that gets full sunlight for several hours per day. To attract birds, place it away from shrubs or bushes that might be a hiding place for cats or other animals who might want to pounce on a bird who's busy taking a bath.

The generously sized bottom bowl is 20.75" in diameter and 4" deep, holding approximately 2.5 gallons of water.

This model is easy to set up and maintain - just clean the panel from time to time with glass cleaner and a sponge or cloth and keep an eye on the water level to ensure an adequate amount to keep the pump fully primed and functional.

Its classic design and rich, brown color makes it an excellent addition to a balcony, back porch, deck, patio or outdoor decorative space, where it will bring a sense of grandeur and the soft, relaxing sound of flowing water like music, to your ears.

As with any quality, weather resistant outdoor product, we recommend that you take it indoors or properly winterize it during freezing months to ensure that you'll have it for years of continual enjoyment.


  • Rugged Fiberglass Reinforced Concrete Construction
  • Simple, Classic Design
  • Faux Stone Antique Textured Finish
  • 2 Fountain Style Heads included - 1 single spray and 1 360-degree fountain stream
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack Included
  • Integrated Solar Panel and Pump Kit included
  • 20.75"L x 20.75"D x 34.5"H
  • Basin holds approximately 2.5 gallons of water
  • Approximately 40 lbs.

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