Spiked 15" Tall Display Stand for Crackled Glass Toadstools or Globes

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This spiked tripod stand can be used to display your crackled glass toadstool or gazing globe securely in your yard or outdoor area to add a distinctive touch to the surroundings.

It's made from black wrought iron, and each of its three legs are spiked to anchor it into the earth for a secure display for any crackled glass toadstool or gazing orb. It's easy to install or pick up and move, and the matte black powder coated finish will last for years in the outdoors. Order it separately if you already have a glass toadstool or globe, or as part of a kit when you order one of the orbs or toadstools in any of the 11 colors available.

Spiked 3-Footed Tall Display Stand for Gazing Globes or Toadstools Features:

  • Black wrought iron tripod design
  • Unique "spider" design
  • Three spiked feet anchor it into the ground
  • Compatible with any crackled glass toadstool or gazing orb
  • 10"L x 10"W x 25"H (total height)
  • 10"L x 10"W x 15"H (from ground level to top of holder)
  • Approx. 4 lbs.
  • Made in India
  • Made by hand; dimensions may vary slightly
  • 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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