A set of 6 2" tall decorative white steel bells with a Santa Claus and Gift Bag image imprinted on them and a satin hanging cord on a white background

Set of 6 White Christmas Bells with Santa & Gift Bag Design & Red Cord

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You'll be ringing in the Christmas season in style with this set of 6 vintage Santa Claus decorative jingling Christmas Bells! Your friends and neighbors might get envious when they see them hanging on your tree or in your window, so you you might consider giving them a few so they won't feel so bad!

Each bell is painted in a shiny white enamel finish with a decorative Santa ornament imprinted on one side and comes with a red or green satin cord to hang it in the location of your choice.

Made to last for years, they'll be a favorite year after year, and cherished as a durable heirloom - bringing back memories of Christmases past with each passing year.

They come loose, ready to give as a party favor or seasonal gift. Also available individually or in sets of 3, they'll add an unique charm to your holiday celebrations.

Hand made in the USA, they're a lovely way to add an "old time" look - and favorite sound - to the Christmas season.

If you have a preference for the color of the hanging strap, please specify a red or green color when you order, or a random color will be used. For an additional $3.00, you can imprint the year in red or green (please specify which) on the other side for commemorative purposes. This will extend the lead time up to 2 weeks, so plan accordingly. Order yours today!

Set of 6 White Christmas Bells with Santa & Gift Bag Design Features:

  • Made of high quality steel
  • Painted white with an image of Santa on the side
  • Gift boxed, with red or green satin hanging cord
  • 1.625"L x 1.625"W x 2"H ea.
  • Approx. .1 lb. total
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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