Protec Scale & Stain Remover for Small or Large Fountains & Bird Baths

Protec Scale & Stain Remover for Small or Large Fountains & Bird Baths

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It's always best to use distilled or filtered water in your tabletop or outdoor fountains, but we know that it's not always practical - especially with larger fountains or outdoor models. As a result, minerals in the water eventually begin to show up as white rings of calcium or rust-colored stains. Using this formula will remove and prevent this, and is recommended especially for indoor, tabletop fountains. The smaller pumps they use are more likely to be damaged from the mineral buildup.

This 8-oz. bottle is the best investment you can make to keep your fountain fresh and flowing like new, when used as directed. The amount will vary with the size of the fountain, but one application alone will show you how effective and safe it is.

You'll never want to be without this formula once you've seen the results it provides!

Water treated with Protec is safe for birds, plants and animals (including fish) when used as directed. Frequency and dosage will vary, but directions for the correct dosage is included with the bottle.

Don't be without the best friend your fountain can have (besides you, of course!) and keep a bottle or two of this formula handy!


  • 8-oz. Bottle of Formula
  • Safe, Non-Toxic to Birds and Wildlife when used as directed
  • Great for Maintenance as well as Deep Cleaning
  • Treatments vary depending upon size/condition of your fountain and water "hardness"

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