Organic Non Toxic Indoor/Outdoor Water Feature Clarifier & Conditioner

Organic Non Toxic Indoor/Outdoor Water Feature Clarifier & Conditioner

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Keep your fountains and birdbaths fresh and clean with this organically-based formula. Regular use will inhibit the growth of algae and other contaminants and keep your pumps running in top condition.

Natural enzymes safely break down organic contamination in a non-toxic, biodegradable way. It's safe to use around birds, wildlife and fish when used as directed.

Use to prevent water mold, stains, organic contaminants, stains and sludge from forming. It takes time for the enzymes to work.

Mix a pod with warm water and add to your water feature every few weeks to enjoy your water feature the way it should be!


  • Organic, Enzyme-based Formula
  • Safe, Non-Toxic to Birds, Wildlife & Fish when used as directed
  • Prevents growth of Algae
  • Maintains Solar Pumps in prime condition
  • Prevents Mosquitos from laying eggs
  • Makes birds more attracted to the cleaner fountain
  • 16-oz. container w 20 Pods
  • 1 Pod treats 25 gallons
  • Treatment lasts approx. 2 weeks
  • About 40 week supply - depending on usage