Lightweight Scallop Shell Birdbath with 2 Bird Figures in Faux Bronze

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This is a handsome and well constructed bird bath with the basin designed to look like a sea shell. Two bird figures are perched on the back lip as if ready to take the plunge themselves.

Made from a durable designer resin, it is finished in adark bronze color. It is light enough to move about and easy to place, yet sturdy enough to stand up to the harshest of summer temperatures and normal wear and tear. You should consider draining it and covering it up or moving it indoors where it won't be prone to damage from freezing water if the weather gets really cold where you live! These simple steps will ensure years of enjoyment.

Purchase a separate solar pump kit (not included) and turn this already elegant bird bath into a bubbling fountain that will delight birds of all feathers! Order your festive bird bath today and make an elegant statement in your decorative space for everyone to enjoy!

Lightweight Scallop Shell Birdbath Features:

  • Durable Designer Resin Construction
  • Finished in an elegant bronze color
  • Basin is designed to look like a sea shell
  • 20"L x 15"W x 32"H
  • Approx. 5 lbs.
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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