Pale Green Crackled Glass Garden Orb with Mounting Kits - Globe Only

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This large, pale green 12" hand blown crackled glass gazing globe is certain to add a whimsical touch of old time charm to any outdoor space! Gazing globes date back to the early 13th century, and were popular in the Victorian era. Recently, they've come back into fashion for their ability to add instant color and style. The shiny, mirrored finish provides a fish-eye view of the surrounding area. They are believed by some to fend off misfortune and deliver happiness and joy.

The glass is hand blown using a layered technique to give it a crackly appearance, and a mirror-like surface. The light, pale green color will hold up in the sun, and it has a 2" stem on the bottom that is designed to fit into a variety of wrought iron stands to suit your need. Buy the garden globe by itself, or pair it with a stand that fits your style. There is also a 10" medium size or a 6" small size available.

Stand GBS-03 is a 24" tall, 3-legged metal stand designed to fit on flat surfaces. Each foot has a hole in it so you can use a stake to secure it into an earthen area. Stand GBS-04 is 33" high, and has a square bottom frame designed for use on a deck or porch, which can easily be removed to use the four spiked legs to secure it into any garden space. If you want a short metal stand, select the option paired with Stand GBS-07, which is 7.75" tall, and has 3 legs on a circular ring, to sit securely on any flat surface, including a flower bed. Stand GBS-09 is a short, 10" high spider-like stand, designed for use on a porch or deck table or other flat surface. Add an artistic splash with the swirling helix base of 11" tall Stand GBS-10. Designed for use in a yard or garden, the 12" tall Stand GBS-11 has spiked feet that will add a nice touch to short flower beds.  For taller displays, the spiked feet of Stand GBS-12 stands at nearly 22" high to add emphasis to taller beds or as a finishing touch to any outdoor area. To add a unique decorative touch to your gazing globe, Stand GBS-21 will hold a large 12" crackled glass orb in its large circular ring for you to display, holding it securely with its 3 round feet. Metal stand GBS-14 stands 13.5" high and has a circular ring at the bottom which holds the 3 flat feet together to secure your treasure on any flat surface, such as a deck or porch. It has 3 decorative "petals" at the top which serve to highlight the globe and add an interesting design flourish. Like stand GBS-14, the GBS-14S option has the decorative "petals" at the top, but the bottom has spikes instead of flat feet, so you can secure it in the ground to add stability to your display. It stands 13.75" tall. Each of the metal stands are made of wrought iron, built ruggedly to maintain a stable base for your treasured gazing globe - wherever you choose to display it. Simply select your option from the drop down menu, and both pieces will arrive as a kit. Easy to assemble and move about, you're certain to find the perfect matching metal base that suits you best for your situation!

Add some color, charm and good luck to your outdoor space with this handsome garden globe - with or without a matching base - today!

Pale Green 12" Crackled Glass Garden Orb Features:

  • Made from hand blown layered glass
  • Shiny Pale or Light Green color
  • 12"L x 12"W x 12"H (Globe w/out stem)
  • 12"L x 12"W x 14.5"H (Including bottom stem)
  • Approx. 8 lbs. (not including any stand options)
  • Made in India
  • 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!

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