Handcrafted Bamboo Wind Chime with Crescent Moon and Stars Ornament

Handcrafted Bamboo Wind Chime with Crescent Moon and Stars Ornament

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Let yourself become part of the larger universe when you relax to the sight and sounds of this beautiful, all natural set of bamboo wind chimes! It features a stylized round header that has a golden "moon face" and three stars and a round, golden topper. The clapper at the bottom is also shaped like a large golden star, and everything is finished in a simple brown color to give your home, deck or porch area a distinctive look and sound.

They'll provide years of enjoyment as they emit their enchanting sounds in the swaying winds.

Made by hand, the Balinese artists use sustainable bamboo and fiber products in a tradition that's been handed down for generations. The varying lengths will generate a hypnotic, percussive melody as they swing in the wind, and you'll love closing your eyes as you listen to them. With proper care, they'll last for years. Place them in an area protected from direct sunlight or extreme weather. A shady tree or porch overhang provide optimal opportunities for them to be seen and heard! Take them inside during winter months and store them in an unheated area for safekeeping.

Use a damp cloth from time to time to clean them, and apply a coat of clear varnish every year or so to protect them from excessive heat and humidity.

The bamboo is carefully harvested and cured to reduce the risk of cracks and to prolong the life of the chime. Bamboo expands and contracts in reaction to changes in ambient temperature and humidity. Hairline cracks may appear, but unless they become large, will not affect the chime's sound or durability.

We try to ensure that only the highest quality product makes it to your door, but in the rare event that you receive a chime with damage, or large cracks, photograph it and contact us so we can get a new one sent to you as quickly as possible.

Crescent Moon & Stars Bamboo Wind Chime Features:

  • Made of natural bamboo, twine and other natural elements
  • Colorful crescent moon and stars design
  • Approx. Hanging Size: 30" from top to bottom
  • Longest Tube Approx. 12"
  • Approx. 1.5 lbs.
  • 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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