Golden Jeweled Chinese Dragon Statue with Colorful Crystals

Golden Jeweled Chinese Dragon Statue with Colorful Crystals

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This dragon statute features a golden, bejeweled, cloisonne depiction of the revered beast with a pearl in his mouth and encrusted with bright crystals

He can be opened to put valuable, treasured items inside.

In most Asian cultures, the dragon is one of the most sacred and powerful creatures in their pantheon of mythology and in their ancient practice of Feng Shui. They often use statues of a dragon to bolster their positive energy and glorify their chi (life) force. The pearl in the dragon's mouth represents treasure and prosperity. It is believed that the dragon blowing his breath on the pearl will bring wealth and good fortune to people.

One of the most magnificent and enchanting of all creatures, the dragon is one of the four celestial animals of feng shui. The dragon is one of the most powerful symbols in Chinese culture, representing success, good health, vitality, and protection. These enchanting creatures are full of strength, and are one of the most sacred creatures in Chinese culture and folklore, representing power, abundance, good luck, and honor.

The emperors of ancient China regarded themselves as descendants of dragons, and dragons are widely seen on ancient robes, art, and literature. Displaying a dragon will boost cosmic chi - otherwise known as "sheng" chi - and is a business luck enhancer, guardian spirit, and commander of wisdom.

Place this dragon statue in a location that needs a metal element, or display it on your desk or workspace for good fortune in your career.


  • Durable Metal and Crystal Construction
  • Meticulously Detailed with a Bright Golden Finish
  • 4.75"L x 2.75"W x 1.5"H
  • Approx. .75 lbs.

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