Enzyme Based Protector Formula for Bird Baths and Medium Sized Fountains

Enzyme Based Maintenance Formula for Medium Bird Baths and Fountains

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This natural enzyme-based formula is intended for use in bird baths and water fountains that contain up to ten gallons of water. Added on a regular basis - every few weeks - it will minimize stain and sludge buildup, keep organic contaminants to a minimum, and reduce the mineral deposit buildup from hard water.

Each 8-oz. bottle should last a full season with regular weekly or bi-weekly use.

It is safe to use as-is, because it is a natural, non-toxic enzyme based formula that will not harm wildlife and pets that may drink from the bowl. As a standard practice, we recommend that you clean out and replenish any old water, fill the basin with fresh water, and then add a capful of this formula for best results. Simply adding a capful to a bowl that had a previous dosage with the old water topped off will work, but will not yield optimal results. See label for complete dosage instructions.

Keep the water clean and clear in your water feature with this easy to use formula!


  • Natural Enzyme-Based Formula
  • Non-Toxic to Wildlife and Pets
  • Intended for use in Medium Birdbath Basins and Fountains
  • Recommended for Weekly or Bi-Weekly Use
  • 8-oz.