Cascading Logs & Bucket Solar On Demand Pouring Outdoor Water Fountain

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This beautifully crafted outdoor, solar powered fountain is designed in multiple tiers with water flowing from level to level into and out of hollow logs and old-fashioned jugs and a bucket.

Powered by the sun with rechargeable batteries, it is entirely self-contained, so there's no need for additional plumbing. Just place the solar panel in a sunny location and let the power of the sun work for you! The panel has a generous 16-foot cord that leads to the fountain, allowing you greater flexibility in placing it in your chosen area.

Powered by the sun, there is no need to be tied down to an electric cord - simply place it anywhere it will get plenty of sunlight during the day to enjoy it at night!

When conditions are sunny, the pump will be powered by solar energy as the battery pack is being recharged. On cloudy days or when the sun goes down, the batteries will automatically kick in and, when fully charged, will power the fountain for approximately 4 hours. There is also an on/off switch for the pump so that the batteries will recharge and only run when you switch the power to the on position.

Rechargeable batteries last for approximately 12 to 18 months, after which we recommend they be recycled and replaced with new ones.

Put the power of the sun to work for your with this great fountain for your yard or garden area.


  • Durable Polyresin Construction
  • Highly Detailed Faux Wood and Terra Cotta
  • Solar Panel Adapter Kit included
  • UL-certified Submersible Electric Water Pump Kit included
  • Some assembly required
  • 13"W x 14"D x 30"H
  • Approx. 20 lbs.
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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