Black 33" Wrought Iron Outdoor Stand for Reflecting Orbs or Toadstools

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Display your colorful gazing globe or toadstool on your porch, deck, patio or garden with this sturdy 33" tall black wrought iron stand! It's designed to hold a toadstool or any of the fragile 6, 10 or 12" gazing orbs in a secure manner. The stand is designed to be used on a flat surface, to provide a stable resting place for you to enjoy your colorful treasure wherever you place it. The bottom frame can be taken off, so you can use the spikes on the four bottom feet to secure the stand into an earthen surface - so it's also great for use in a yard or garden setting!

It is available for sale as a separate item, so if you already have a gazing globe or toadstool and want to put it on this stand, you can do so with ease. It is also included as part of a kit with any of the reflecting garden orbs.

Both toadstools and garden globes have a stem at the bottom that allows them to sit comfortably in this stand, and can also be purchased separately if desired.

During the Victorian-era, gazing globes and toadstools were a popular way to add a sense of wonder and whimsy to outdoor spaces and formal gardens. Keep that time-honored tradition alive and order yours today!

Iron Display Stand for Crackled Glass Globes or Toadstools Features:

  • Made of wrought iron
  • Finished in a graphite color
  • 12"L x 12"W x 30"H (at base of globe holder)
  • 12"L x 12"W x 33"H (to top of "petals" on stand)
  • Approx. 19 lbs.
  • Hand made in India
  • Detachable bottom frame for use in a garden setting
  • Dimensions may vary slightly due to the handcrafted construction
  • 90 day Manufacturer warranty
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!

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