Free Shipping!

Say "No!" to Sticker Shock when you place an order!

Except for Canada, Hawaii and Alaska, which have a nominal shipping charge imposed, every price on every product includes Ground Shipping to your location - wherever it may be.

Unless you're in the state of Georgia, the price you see is the price you'll pay!

I am currently only able to ship items that are 25 lbs. or less to Canada, Alaska or Hawaii. Some items are not available for shipping to Canada due to contractual obligations.

CANADIAN CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE: You will be responsible for paying any duties or taxes imposed on your order by the Canadian Government, if applicable. An alternative to avoid fees is to have me ship your item to the closest P.O. Box or Shipping Service at the US-Canada border, where you can pick up your product and transport it to your home - usually with no Import Duties, Fees or Taxes.