Free Shipping!

Say "No!" to Sticker Shock when you place an order on my store!

Unlike many ecommerce merchants, I go out of my way to not make shipping an additional burden - or cost - for you.

When you see a price on any of the products on my website - that price includes Ground Shipping to your location - wherever it may be. When you receive a tracking number for your purchase, please keep in mind that you might not be able to immediately see your order's status. The order may not have been picked up yet. Even if it has been handed off to the shipping agent, it may take up to 24 hours to completely integrate with their database. Once you're able to see you order's status, it should be "real time" from that point on.

Because I fold shipping costs into the stated price, sometimes I may lose a few bucks on a sale; other times I may not. But as I have shopped over the Internet over the years, I have come to recognize how discouraging it can be when I think I've found an item at a great price, put it in the Shopping Cart, only find out when I get to the Checkout stage, that the price was… well… not so great after all…

The only other cost that might come up at the Checkout stage is a sales tax that I must charge for delivery to my Customers in the state of Georgia.

My products are located in warehouses in different locations, so it becomes complicated for me to be able to offer additional shipping options at this time. I am working with the major delivery companies (UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.) to keep shipping costs to a bare minimum, and I hope to be able to offer additional shipping options to you in the coming year. I'm hopeful that these options such as 2nd Day, Priority, etc. can be made available to you on an additional per-order basis, which will be clearly stated at the Checkout stage of your order. Sometimes you may have waited until the last moment to make your purchase and need it… well… yesterday. Rest assured that I am sensitive to this dilemma, and have fallen into this category myself from time to time. But for now, I only offer Free Ground Shipping to you - so place your order with that time frame in mind.

Because I include the cost of shipping in the listed price, an item may initially appear to be a bit more expensive than what you may find elsewhere. When you do make an effort to "comparison shop" (and who doesn't?), be sure that you're making a true comparison - an "apples to apples" analysis. I strive to be competitive, and believe that my Customers recognize the value of the "Upfront, All-inclusive Pricing" model that I've chosen for my website. I know from personal experience that when I come to finalize my purchase, there's nothing more disheartening and discouraging than finding out that the "great price" turned out to be a sort of "bait and switch" proposition. It puts a damper on my enthusiasm, and I usually don't complete the purchase.

Rest assured that the price you see on an item includes the cost of shipping it via Ground Transportation to your door. Unless you're subject to the State of Georgia's Sales Tax (currently 7%), the price you see is the price you'll pay!

Show "Shipping Sticker Shock" the door when you place your order with me! I'm doing my best to keep my pricing as low, clear and competitive as I possibly can.

Happy Shopping - and Shipping!!