Why Tabletop Fountains?


In December, 2012, my life partner, Gordon, passed away. As I looked through the years of vacation photographs we took together, I noticed how many pictures I had of the various water fountains, statues, formal gardens and outdoor decor that we had encountered while on our trips. An idea began to emerge...

I followed my dream of creating a website selling "Tabletop Fountains PLUS Home Decor" to offer fountains, statuary, and assorted home and garden decor to people who enjoy them as much as we did!

I personally choose each product that you see after filtering through countless choices. I attend national Trade Shows to see new products and get a feel for the companies that sell them. I look for quality products that offer great value, and bring them together in one place, for you to choose your favorite. The store is a "One stop shop," where I've done all the "heavy lifting" of searching and comparing so you don't have to. You could spend all that time and energy doing the same thing - but why should you when it's all right here...?

I am committed to prompt service, meeting your needs, and providing quality merchandise at competitive prices. I carry water features in every style at a wide range of price points. You'll find a great selection of unique home and garden products that you won't find at most local brick and mortar stores. Some come from far flung lands around the world, while others are hand-made in communities in the United States. Each of them is hand picked to share with you.

I understand that you don't want to concern yourself with the hassles of the sale - you just want to enjoy your purchase. I treat every sale as a top priority. I provide service that matches the high quality of my product offerings - and the type of service that I want to get when making a purchase online. I want you to be more than just happy with what you bought - I want you to be delighted with the entire process from first click on the website to opening your package at home!

Your satisfaction is my top priority. Feel free to contact me with any requests or concerns. I promise to respond promptly. I also encourage you to give me feedback about your experience with the site and any products you purchase. Please send me any requests you have so I can carry more of the products you are looking for.

By putting your trust in the site and making a purchase, you are helping me to attain my lifelong goal. I dedicate this project to Gordon, who taught me how to enjoy the finer things in life, and to the concept that beautifully designed fountains, statues and home decor can enrich a person's life by giving them the opportunity to slow down, relax, and enjoy life's simple pleasures while we have the moment at hand....

Namaste! Peace! Shalom!

Transform your world. Begin today! I look forward to seeing you online soon…