Windchimes & Bells

The Healing Power of Sound

Dulcet tones of a finely tuned wind chime can have a tremendous positive impact upon a person's stress level. Whether made from metal, bamboo, wood, or other material, they offer a pleasant, random ambient noise that sets a subtle tone of tranquility into the scene. Similarly, bells ringing in the wind often send a note from days gone by to the here and now as they gently chime. Dreamcatchers, with their mystic symbolism, offer assistance from the shamic tradition to harnass the positive forces of nature - much like the "chi" force so basic to the Chinese Feng Shui school of harmonic balancing.

From the bamboo forests of Bali to ancient Tibetan Temples, to the back woods of Appalachian America, I've collected some of my favorite wind chimes, bells, and gongs to share with you to add some natural music to soothe your soul in your back yard, porch, patio or deck.

Order your windchime, gong or bell today and enjoy fast, free ground shipping with each and every order! Tranquility awaits!