Wall Fountains

Large & Small Wall-Mounted Waterfalls

Like floor fountains, our indoor and outdoor wall-mounted water features are generally larger than a desktop or tabletop fountain and can be easily placed in your yard or garden area. Although some of our large and small wall-mounted waterfalls are designed to be placed on a vertical surface, they usually don't come with mounting hardware, so factor that in if you're considering buying one.

Because they are designed to be mounted on a wall, they often come highly stylized to reflect a specific motif - like a seashore, for example. Our patio fountains and waterfalls add a peaceful texture to any outdoor environment, and our selection includes high quality, unique fountains on the market. Consider buying one of these beautiful wall fountains for your home or office. You'll find them to be a delightful addition to your living space and a peaceful addition to your life!

If you have a courtyard in which to place these beautiful specimens, consider yourself among the lucky few. Some of these wall fountains simply beg to be placed in a position of prominence in your courtyard!

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