Tabletop Fountains

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A Friendly Companion on Your Road to Nirvana!

The tabletop water fountains featured here are made from a variety of durable materials. Some are ceramic; others are made from polyresin, wood, plastic or stone. All of the indoor water features offered here, are made using quality parts and crafted to the highest standard. Here’s where you’ll find fountains with unique accents including LED lights, candleholders and picturesque designs guaranteed to enhance any room you choose. Though small in size, these water features offer a wide variety of designs developed to aid you in achieving a sense of calm in a world that often seems awash in swirling chaos.

When you receive your new tabletop fountain, take care when choosing its placement to ensure your enjoyment and its high visibility to show off your water feature's beauty. These small water fountains are works of art in and of themselves and will require some care. Always place your work of water art to display in an area that is safely away from curious pets or small children. Don't forget to check from time to time that it has an ample supply of water, otherwise, you'll lose out on enjoying the sights and sounds of its soothing running water. Never run an electric water pump in a dry fountain. Not only will it potentially ruin the pump, but you'll deprive yourself of maximum enjoyment! Buy now to enjoy our affordable prices and fast, free shipping on all orders.