Solar Garden Fountains

The Power of the Sun at your Disposal!

One of the biggest advantages offered by solar-powered water features is that they don't depend upon being placed close to an electric outlet. Many of these solar products are ready to go out of the box, and need only be placed in a sunny location in order to work their magic. Many of them also have rechargeable back-up batteries, which extends their functionality into the evening for you to enjoy. With the addition of low voltage LED lighting, they consume little energy at no cost to you. No special planning for plumbing or electrical work is required beyond scoping out a sunny location in which to place the solar panel.

With a variety of options from which to choose, these relatively maintenance-free outdoor fountains will provide years of enjoyment for you with virtually no ongoing operating costs for electricity. Tap into the eternal power of the sun for your garden fountain today when you order your fountain from us. Free ground shipping is included, and your satisfaction is guaranteed!