Outdoor Fountains

Bring Nature to Your Door with an Outdoor Fountain!

Outdoor fountains include garden, lawn, patio, deck, floor and courtyard varieties. They are generally larger, heavier and more industrial in design than indoor fountains. Because of these factors, they tend to remain stationary once placed. The most common style of garden water fountain would be the "birdbath" type, with one or more tiers of water pouring into a round basin at the bottom, although a variety of single- and multiple-tier designs is also quite common. Because of their size and weight, outdoor and birdbath water fountains tend to be the focal point for your outdoor space. They often become the object around which the rest of your space is constructed. Our outdoor water fountains are extremely durable and can cost a bit more than smaller, less durable fountains. So, choose carefully when selecting a garden water fountain to ensure you are fully satisfied before you buy. If you don’t see what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact me. I'll help you find the perfect outdoor water fountain for your courtyard or garden. Add year-round value to your outdoor space with an investment in a quality outdoor fountain today!