Haunting Sounds, Magic Memories®

Along the craggy coasts of the Northeast, they worked for generations as mariners and lobstermen, listening to the harbor buoys and bells as they came and went - each with a distinct and reassuring tone. In the 1970s, one family decided to create wind bells that echo the familiar tones of coastal and harbor bells that they loved to listen to. Their current collection - from Boston to Nantucket, San Francisco to the Puget Sound - offers something for everyone’s taste.

Most people don't realize that different Harbor Buoys ring differently. Nantucket Harbor Buoys have a different sound than those in Kennebunkport, Marblehead or Boston Harbor. For someone who's lived the life of the sea, each bell brings back memories of former times. Long before the internet, wireless or GPS, sailors used the sounds of these harbor bells to guide them in and out of waterways with a precision that was a great improvement in its day over navigation purely by star and tidal forecasts.

Each bell is handcrafted and tuned to ring with an unforgettable, authentic sound. Their selection has grown from the Original and Authentic Maine Buoy Bells® to include Lighthouse Bells® that echo sounds from the old wooden and stone lighthouses that dotted the shores of America, Wilderness Bells® that evoke the soft sounds of a quiet countryside, and special editions of Bells to honor Firemen and the familiar sounds of Christmas.

If you've never heard the sounds of sea bells, this is your chance to hear the real thing! If you've lost touch with the sea, or no longer have access to it, the comforting sounds of these unique wind bells will bring a sense of relaxation and reassurance whether you find yourself in the heartland of America, on a towering peak in the Rocky Mountains, or a deep gorge in the Grand Canyon.

Fill your life with the Symphony of North Country Wind Bells® today. America's Best. Proudly made in the great state of Maine.