Large Black Whale Sail with Chain for North Country Wind Bells shown with its chain on a white background

Large Black Whale Wind Sail with Chain for North Country Wind Bells

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As the seasons change, your chiming harbor wind bell can change along with it when you add this large Black Whale Sail to swing in the breeze and help it to work its magic!

This large replacement windcatcher is designed to work with the largest sized wind bells (from 14" tall or taller), but it also works well with some of the medium sized wind chimes. They are easy to switch out from season to season with other sails to match your mood. Discounts are available for bulk orders, so order 2 or more to save $10. Use the discount code "NCSAIL2" at checkout.

If you're unsure about what size sail you'll need for your existing wind chime, if you know the name or model, mention it in the comment section at checkout. We'll check to make sure we send the right sized sail for your specific wind bell.

Large Black Whale Wind Sail Features:

  • Constructed of 100% Recycled Steel
  • Painted with a Flat Black finish
  • Sizes vary depending upon the sail design
  • Includes matching chain to attach to your wind chime
  • Proudly Made in the Great State of Maine
  • American Made. American Proud.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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