New Age Fountains

Timeless Water Features for our Modern Age

"New Age" is defined as a broad movement characterized by alternative approaches to Western culture with an interest in spirituality, mysticism, holism and environmentalism. The New Age fountains offered here explore these subjects, both in form and function. New Age tranquility fountains draw upon the post-modern sciences like architecture, yet bring forth an ancient mysticism in all of us. You'll see unique dragon-themed water fountains for those interested in fantasy, as well as Buddha water fountains for those looking to attain a higher state of being from the comfort of their home or office. New Age fountains are simple and graceful in form and structure. Still, they easily bring the viewer to a contemplative expression of humanity and its place in our natural world. Unlike spiritual or religious fountains, they supersede specific religious templates, offering instead a vision of humanity that is both optimistic and appreciative of both our cultural past and the future that is before us. Find the New Age fountain that fits your worldview. Whether you are looking for outdoor water features with lights and elaborate designs or subtle, modern indoor garden fountains to help transform your living space or office, we have the quality fountains you're looking for at the most competitive prices around. You're certain to appreciate the ambiance that these New Age fountains offer as you live your life from day to day in peace! Order online now or contact me. I'd be honored to help you find the perfect fountain for your home or office sanctuary.