Fearsome and Functional Works of Art

For anyone who loves fantastical and mythical elements, our selection of fountains and figurines featuring gargoyles are must-haves. You’ll find an array of colorful and intricate pieces to accent or punctuate your indoor or outdoor decorative space. Every design is durably made to withstand the elements and maintain its color and complexion, no matter if its foundation is polyresin, PVC, plastic resin or stone.

Choose a fierce guardian gargoyle to edge your pool or sit atop a podium, or invite people to relax and revel in its mythic ferocity. Many choices are small enough to be displayed indoors as part of a tabletop motif, making a great gift option for those friends and family members who enjoy the look and feel of these fantasy beasts from the murky world of mythology and ancient lore. Others beg to be displayed outdoors, where they'll loom menacingly over their surroundings and bring a powerful sense of presence to the fore.

Each of them has a long and storied past, and will serve as a great talking point for visitors and guests. Order yours today and enjoy fast, free ground shipping. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.