Floor & Waterfall Fountains

An Easy Way to Soothe Your Soul!

Indoor/outdoor floor fountains are essentially oversized tabletop fountains that use up more space but offer an exponentially greater opportunity for enjoyment than their desktop counterparts offer. Because of this, placement in your living area requires a bit more upfront consideration. Wall-mounted waterfalls and 3-tier water fountains should be carefully placed due to their striking design. They are best used as a focal point in your foyer, living or dining room, or office reception area. Freestanding water features tend to be heavier than your average-sized fountain, but that also works to keep them more stable and secure wherever they are positioned. If you want to draw out the "oohs" and "aahs" from family and friends, think about creating a designated area that will provide the peace and tranquility you need to enjoy our fountains as much as possible. The sounds and sights of running water and lights is much more obvious than that of a smaller fountain and provides increased control over the ambiance of the room or area. Many of the large outdoor floor fountains your see here also have adjustable flow pumps or lights that change color or are dimmable. This allows you to experiment to get just the right effect you're searching for.

Large tranquility fountains come in a wide range of unique styles and are perfect as large outdoor floor fountains or indoor sanctuaries for homes and offices. Order from the wide selection you see here, or contact me to help you find the exact wall-mounted waterfall or floor fountains to fit your style and needs.