Copper Fountains

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Sturdy Fountains & Water Features to Soothe the Savage Soul

There's nothing like a brand new copper water fountain, fresh out of the box, glowing and shining in full splendor! When you purchase water fountains with metal accents, or with copper as an element within the design of the fountain, you'll eventually see it change in tone and color from that "new penny" look as patina wears in, giving it a classic greenish tinge. This is natural and actually serves to protect the copper below from the elements.

As with all metal garden fountains, try to use distilled water whenever possible. This is especially true for copper, as the minerals in regular tap water tend to settle on the copper and show up as a chalky residue in places that dry out. Given a little extra attention, metal garden fountains and copper water fountains will provide years of enjoyment. Pick your favorite copper fountain – you can even choose from our multi-tiered metal fountains – and place it in a highly visible location where you can show off its unique splendor to everyone who comes by. You'll be glad that you did!

Order online, or contact me. I’ll help you find the perfect water fountain with metal accents to fit your home or office. Fast, free ground shipping is included with every purchase!