Christmas is the highlight of the Winter Holiday Season in Western Civilization, occurring on December 25th in the Western European tradition, and in early January, according to the Orthodox Greek Christian Church, where they celebrate the birth of Jesus of Nazareth on the day that the three wise men assembled at the manger where he was born. This day is known as "Epiphany," and is based on a Lunar calendar, rather than the Gregorian Calendar that is the established norm in Western European tradition.

Accordingly, people around the world partake of this holiday by exchanging gifts and attending religious observances to mark the event. While the observances have changed over the years to become a much more commercialized tradition of buying gifts, rather than making them, it still holds the hearts of Christians worldwide as the Holiest of Holidays on the calendar, second only to Easter, which celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus after he was crucified on the cross, was entombed for burial and conquered death and ascended to the heavens.

Over the centuries, many customs have evolved around the Christmas holiday, such as the now-traditional Christmas Tree, which was popularized in 19th Century Prussia (today's Germany), the beloved Santa Claus figure, who is attributed to the Turkish Saint of early Christian days who gave gifts to children, and folklore figures such as Elves, Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman and other assorted favorites.

Whatever your favorite tradition is for this holiday, you'll find some wonderful decor in this section to help you to celebrate the season. From high quality, handcrafted cast stone plaques and figurines to more commercially produced decorations and knick knacks, you're sure to find something that you'll treasure for years to come! Be sure to order your favorite products in time to ship before the holidays!

Be sure to order your favorite products in time to ship before the holidays!