8-oz. Bottle FounTec Liquid Fountain Cleaner & Algaecide Formula

8-oz. Bottle FounTec Liquid Fountain Cleaner & Algaecide Formula

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Keep Your Fountain and Birdbath Water Clean!

Over time, every fountain or birdbath forms an invisible slime or sludge of organic material in the basin and tubing. When exposed to the sun outdoors, this often shows up as green algae which, if left untreated, will harm your water pump and make the water unsuitable for birds to bathe in. FounTec Algae Control is the answer to keeping water running clear and organic buildup to a minimum. It's a must-have for outdoor fountains - especially those receiving hours of direct sunlight.

It will effectively control algae blooms (green water), string and hair algae, and blanket weed and will help inhibit the growth of many types of algae in indoor and outdoor fountains and ponds.

It can be used with plants and comes in a 8 oz. bottle. Use it for algae-free water that is free of mosquitoes.

It has a unique control mechanism that kills and inhibits algae and bacteria without harsh chemicals. It's non-hazardous, non-staining and non-foaming - safe for birds, plants, and animals but not for fish.

Fountec is the most effective, environmentally friendly product now available for fountain treatment. Get yours today!


  • One (1) 8-oz. bottle - enough to treat an average indoor fountain for a full year!
  • Safe, non-toxic formula
  • Inhibits algae and scale buildup
  • Conditions your water pump
  • Weekly drops will keep your treasure in tip-top shape for years of smooth operation
Fountain Initial Dosage:
  • 1 gal water = 1 drop for clear water, 2 drops for visible algae
  • 10 gal water = 10 drop for clear water, 20 drops for visible algae
  • 100 gal water = 1 tsp. for clear water, 2 tsp. for visible algae
  • Weekly Maintenance:
    • 1 gal. = 1 Drop
  • 10 gal. = 5 Drops
  • 100 gal. = 1/2 tsp

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