Bird Feeders

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Feed the Birds! Feed Your Soul!

From traditional hanging hopper feeders to ornamental statues holding bowls for bird seed, I've gathered together an eclectic collection of various type of decor that you can use to keep you feathered friends fat and happy! If you enjoy religious statuary and love bird watching, then choose from a number of St. Francis ornamental statues or plaques that incorporate a bird seed bowl into the design.

If you're more secular and traditional in your taste, I've got a wide variety of hanging round or square hopper feeders, many made from recycled materials. Keeping squirrels away from the goodiies can often be a challenge, and I've got a few items that include non-lethal, anti-squirrel features that will keep them at bay while still being inviting to the birds.

Find a feeder for hummingbirds or "regular" birds, and do your part to keep this important part of nature healthy and happy. Every product includes free ground shipping in the price, so there's no sticker shock when you check out!