Fountain Fresh Water Conditioner for Crystal Clear Water Features

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This water conditioner for indoor or outdoor water features will keep algae growth, slime and water stains to an absolute minimum with its enzyme-based formula. The pre-measured pods can be dropped into a bird bath, water fountain or small pond without harm to plants, birds, fish or other wildlife, since it's not an algaecide. No measuring or scooping required!

One pod will treat up to 25 gallons and lasts up to 4 weeks (varies depending upon the size of the water feature being treated). It also extends the life and efficiency of your pumps, because it keeps the intake port clean and clear of gunk. As a result, your pump works better, lasts longer, and keeps water moving to repel mosquitos and invite birds to partake of a dip in the basin or a sip from it.

Works with any self-contained water feature and is made in the USA. Not recommended for use in large ponds or water features above 25 gallons.

Fountain Fresh Water Conditioner Features:

  • 25-Pack of pre-measured pods
  • Resealable package keeps pods dry and accessible
  • No measuring or scooping required
  • Safe, non-toxic enzyme and extract formula
  • Safe for humans, birds, fish and other wildlife
  • Pods easily dissolve in water and last for weeks (depending upon the application)
  • Made in the USA
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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