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Classic Cat Grooming Statue - Orlandi Statuary

The rise of the Industrial Age gave society the benefit of being able to mass produce products and, in doing so, drove the cost of production down, making them available in mass quantities, at a price point that was impossible before the age of Industry took hold. This economy of scale, while a good thing in many ways, often resulted in the demise of the small, labor-intensive guilds and tradesmen of the day, since they could not adequately compete with the machines that never tired and worked unceasingly. Still, pockets of cottage-industry manufacturing remained, struggling to survive against the onslaught of mass production.

Recently, we've begun to see a resurgence in the manufacturing base that is focused on the small operation versus the huge factory model. Across America, there still exists a cadre of committed artists and craftsmen who labor daily to create individual works of art by hand. As I searched for premium home & garden decor products to offer on this website, I found a number of small operations across America who continue the tradition of making quality products by hand, often carrying on the traditional techniques that have been handed down for generations. Premier among them is the team of artisans at Orlandi Statuary, located in Chicago, Illinois.

Since 1911, this group of American artists have taken great pride in their hand crafting of classic design elements like fountains, bird baths, religious sculptures, and architectural elements such as columns, pedestals, finials and urns, using modern production techniques. A passion for quality shines through every exquisite reproduction of classic European and Asian design elements that they make. Because they make everything by hand, it may take up to six weeks from the time you order your custom artwork for it to arrive at your door.

They rigorously inspect every item they create, holding it to the highest standard at every stage of production, taking the time to get it absolutely perfect before it leaves the studio. When you lay your eyes on your piece of functional art for the first time, you will understand and appreciate that it was well worth the wait - I guarantee it!

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